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Choosing Assisted Living

Assisted living is a great alternative to living at home for individuals who are fairly independent but need some assistance with daily activities and managing all of the tasks that a home can include.

Often seniors and their families begin searching for an assisted living community when there is a decline in overall ability to complete chores and tasks.

Assisted living may be the right choice if someone is experiencing the following signs:

  • Inability to manage a home's upkeep
  • Assistance with meals is needed
  • Loneliness and social isolation is occurring
  • Concerns regarding living independently without supervision
  • Individual no longer feels safe alone
  • Medications aren't taken timely or properly
  • Decline in function and personal appearance/hygiene
  • No longer able to drive
  • Forgetfulness that can lead to unsafe situations
  • Lack of motivation or unable to enjoy the activities and hobbies from the recent past


Next Steps

We encourage caregivers and the potential community member to tour our community and learn more about the services, amenities, and care offered. We think you will be impressed! It's never too early to take a tour. In fact, some individual's tour 6-12 months before services may be needed so that when the time comes they have made their decision on their next home. However, moving sooner is certainly an option. Some residents move in within days of touring our facility. Schedule a tour by calling (931) 486-4200 or by completing our online tour request form.

At The Reserve at Spring Hill, our team will help you make a smooth transition to our community and will guide you through the process. Have questions? Just ask!